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3 Dads Find Out What It's Like to Be Pregnant

In honor of British Mother's Day, which is March 15, three dads are donning what they dubbed "empathy bellies" to try to better understand what it's like to be pregnant. Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins, all publishers in their forties, are willingly wearing a 33-pound pregnancy suit to show solidarity with pregnant women—and to promote their latest offering, "The Book of Mums."

The pregnancy suits come equipped with fake breasts and pressure points to give them that "Oof, I gotta go pee NOW" feeling that expecting mothers experience on a daily basis. They wear them 24/7, only removing them to wash once in a while (because hygiene, ya'll). The three blokes have kept up a daily diary documenting their experience—both physical and emotional.

On Day 1 Bramley wrote, "I have aches in my back and sore shoulders. I certainly didn’t expect this after only one afternoon wearing the pregnancy suit." (Oh yes, welcome to the next nine months, my friend!)

Day 3 was not so kind to Bramley's fellow "pregnant" man, Hanson, who shared, "Not a wink. What an awful night, I just couldn’t get settled. ... Tried to make a small city out of pillows around my bump. What were at first quite a pleasurable novelty, my boobs, soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit."

Biggins, whose wife is currently pregnant, finds that by wearing the suit he now has his wife's compassion—and amusement. "It’s funny that now i’m wearing the suit, my wife’s attitude turned from one of ‘that’s no substitute for my 9 months imprisonment’ to one of bemusement and pity." Later on he documents how he had to go to the pharmacy to buy a belly support band. (Sound familiar, moms?)

What their profound revelations at the end of this experience will be are still to be determined, but in the meantime, all us moms can take just a little bit of joy in seeing a grown man do the waddle to the bathroom every hour on the dot, right?

You can follow their pregnancy journey on their site Three Pregnant Dads.

Images via Facebook

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