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Texas Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

What was described as one of the riskiest separation operations ever performed on conjoined twins is being hailed as a success.

Knatalye and Adeline Mata, who were born joined at the chest and abdomen, have been successfully separated after a marathon surgery that lasted over 24 hours and involved more than 50 doctors, as "TODAY" reports. They girls shared a diaphragm and liver.

"These girls [are] now going to have that potential of having an independent life," lead surgeon Dr. Darrell Cass told TODAY.

Of-the-moment technology, including an exact 3-D printed model of the twins' anatomy, along with simulations of the surgery, were performed to prepare doctors and ensure that everything went off without a hitch.

"There was lots and lots of planning," Cass said, adding that there were some challenges the medical team had to work through.

The twins are reportedly stable, breathing well and have great blood pressure.

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Image via ABC News

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