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Mom Taught Top NFL Prospect How to Catch

Maxx Williams from University of Minnesota

When a kid becomes a football star, it's usually the dads who get pat on the back for raising their child to be a talented pigskin player. But in the case of one top NFL draft prospect out of Minnesota, the skills the player acquired to make it big are owed to his mom.

Maxx Williams comes from a sporty family. His grandfather played quarterback for Notre Dame and was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1959. His father was a first-round pick by the New York Giants in 1989 and played 10 years as a center in New York. So it would be natural to assume that Maxx's prowess on the field is thanks to the men in his life. But the reality is that his mother, Rochele, is the person that the rising football star credits for his skills.

"She taught me how to throw and catch, punt, everything," Maxx told Yahoo Sports.

It was Rochele who had time to toss the ball in the backyard with her son while dad was traveling for the NFL, and it turns out to have been time well spent. Maxx declared himself eligible for the NFL draft after only two seasons with the University of Minnesota.

Hopefully with his first NFL paycheck, Maxx takes his mom out to a fancy dinner.

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Image via Getty Images

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