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Pot and Breastfeeding Don't Mix

Breast pump next to baby

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, doctors are making extra efforts to warn women that the negative effects of pot could be passed on to babies through their breast milk, CBS Denver reports.

Marijuana's psychological effects are caused by the chemical THC, which gets deposited in a person's fat cells. A woman that breastfeeds and smokes pot is passing the THC to whomever consumes her fat-rich milk.

"It has the potential to harm the baby," said Dr. Larry Wolk of the Colorado State Health Department. Also a pediatrician, Wolk worries that people's perception of marijuana is skewed now that it's legal.

Colorado mom Jenny Poulos told CBS Denver that she noticed a difference in the information given to her by the hospital when her second child was born after the state legalized marijuana.

"Both the pediatrician and nurse made sure to mention to me that not only alcohol but now how marijuana would have an effect on my breast milk if I chose to nurse," Poulos told the news outlet. "You're passing that [THC] directly into your baby and they could have a positive drug test."

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