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Little Girl Gets Surprise at Mom's Wedding

When the groom at a wedding takes a moment to offer his new stepdaughter her own set of vows, you know the guy's a keeper.

That's just what NASCAR driver Brian Scott did when he wed Whitney Kay. While standing at the altar, he bent over and addressed Kay's daughter from a previous marriage, Brielle, and promised to be the best dad ever. As BuzzFeed reports, the wedding took place last year, but a video of Scott's proposal to his bride's daughter is just starting to go viral.

Fast-forward to the 4:15 mark to see Scott's vows to Brielle.

"I promise to always hold your hand and skip with you down the street and bring comfort to your life," Scott told Brielle. "I vow to make you say your prayers before you eat. I promise to read you stories at night, to always tuck you in real tight."

While speaking these words, Scott slipped a small ring on his new step-daughter's finger.

But the real tear-jerker came when Scott said, "I vow to show you how a man should treat a woman in my relationship with your mother."

For this lucky little girl, the feelings she has for her new father are mutual.

"I love my daddy," Brielle said.

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Image via YouTube

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