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America's Favorite Dog Breed Is ...

Yellow Lab Mother and Puppies
Photograph by Getty Images/Fuse

Those yankees sure love the Labrador retriever. The American Kennel Club announced that for the 24th year in a row, it's the most popular dog breed in the United States.

Active, outgoing and smart, Labs are renowned as family dogs that get along well other pets and kids. They can be yellow, brown or black. They're also totally adorable. Here's proof:

“The Lab truly is America’s dog,” said AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo.

Nipping at the Labrador's tail is, same as last year, the German shepherd and then the golden retriever. But it's the No. 4 spot that has the list all mixed up.

The bulldog has been working its way up the ranks, making its way to the fourth spot, which is the highest it's gotten in the breed's history. It swapped places with the beagle, which was bumped to the fifth slot. After that comes the Yorkshire terrier, poodle, boxer, French bulldog and then Rottweiler.

While the breeds that are on the list pretty much stay the same year after year, there was one familiar name that didn't make the latest cut. The Dachshund was out of the top ten, with the French bulldog squeezing its way in.

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Image via Getty Images

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