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David Beckham Gives Son Birthday Shout-Out

Soccer superstar David Beckham is all about showing the love.

For his eldest son Brooklyn's 16th birthday, Beckham posted a couple of photos on Facebook to show just how much he loves his first-born.

"Happy Birthday to my big boy xx," Beckham posted to the social-media site on March 4 alongside a black-and-white photo of him kissing the top of Brooklyn's head as well as a picture of the father-son duo sporting matching soccer gear.

Love to see it when dads give sentimental shout-outs to their kiddos.

Their children, however? Well, sometimes they'd like to keep that on the downlow.

In fact, in January, Beckham revealed to talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel that his son Brooklyn told him to "park around the corner" when Beckham dropped him off at school, according to Entertainment Tonight.

But, apparently, that only makes Beckham want to show his love even more.

"So I'm driving around," Beckham recounted, "and he's just walking in his school, and I open up the window and I said, 'Brooklyn, I love you!' Obviously, it didn't go down too well."

Images via Facebook

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