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The Best and Worst States for Women

What is the most ideal state for women to live in America?

WalletHub has published its 2015 rankings for the best and worst places for U.S. females to live, examining all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on factors like the median earnings for female workers, unemployment rates for women and the percentage of women who have health insurance. Turns out, northern states dominate the standings.

Best StatesRankWorst StatesRank
New Hampshire5West Virginia46
Maine6South Carolina47

Here's some other interesting tidbits from the WalletHub report:

  • The median earnings for female workers (adjusted for cost of living) are two times higher in the District of Columbia than in Hawaii.
  • The unemployment rate for women is four times higher in Nevada than in North Dakota.
  • The percentage of women living in poverty is three times higher in Mississippi than in New Hampshire.
  • The share of women-owned businesses is two times higher in the District of Columbia than in South Dakota.
  • The high school dropout rate for women eight times higher in Arizona than in New Hampshire.
  • The percentage of women who voted in the 2012 presidential election is two times higher in the District of Columbia than in West Virginia.
  • The female uninsured rate is seven times higher in Texas than in Massachusetts.

One factoid that may pop up in the upcoming presidential election is how politics play into these statistics. Blue states are more women-friendly, averaging a ranking of 16.41 on the list to the red states' average ranking of 36.75.

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