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Superman Dad Saves Two Lives After His Death

Washington dad Chris Kmetz became the superhero he always admired, saving two lives through kidneys he donated just hours after his death.

The Boeing analyst and former Marine left behind two kids when he died Saturday, when his car flipped into a drainage pond Feb. 23 while he was driving home from his job. His wife Jackie Kmetz mentioned to hospital staff early on of the couple's wishes to donate his organs.

Chris was a huge Superman fan. He kept over 10,000 comics and dressed as the superhero every Halloween. He even wore Superman shirts at least twice a week. Before saying goodbye Saturday, Jackie dressed Chris in his "Superdad" T-shirt and their kids wore their Superman shirts.

If you're not already in tears, just hear what Jackie told ABC News. "Superman was his idol and the epitome of what he wanted to be: a humble hero whose purpose was to better the world around him," she said.

Chris and Jackie were always passionate about organ donation. When they first met (Jackie was his car-racing teacher), they both clicked over a conversation about being donors.

Many friends of the Kmetz family has changed their Facebook profile pictures to a white Superman logo with text saying, "Be a superhero. Be like Chris Kmetz. Become a donor."

As Superman says in "Infinite Crisis," "It's not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. It's about what you do. It's about action."

Image via Jackie Kmetz

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