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Skinny Pregnant Model Goes Viral

By the time a pregnancy hits the 8-month mark, most women haven't seen their toes in weeks. They no longer have a lap for important things they love, like a toddler or a plate of rich snacks.

At 8 months, all underwear is blown out and stylish maternity waistbands have been traded for over-the-belly panels that sit right under the armpit. The closest thing to Pilates in life is all the concentrated muscle control to keep from peeing one's pants.

So it's no wonder that Sarah Stage has become a popular fascination on Instagram. She has defied all odds and kept her very pregnant belly from appearing anything but. In fact, the Elite Model's near-birth abs are more taut than most those of most other women at peak fitness, thanks to regular "light Pilates." If she wore anything besides underwear, you'd have to wonder if she'd even need pants with a stretchy maternity waistband.

Stage has posted images of her growing(ish) belly on Instagram, collecting 1.1 million followers. She says she's just celebrating the creation of life, like any other mom. Also like any other mom, Stage loves to eat In-n-Out burgers and chocolate mint chip ice-cream. Unlike nearly every other mom, these treats do not show up in the form of bloating or a second chin.

She keeps everyone posted on what the docs are saying, which is that her unborn son is thriving and healthy and, damn, you're one fine mama. (No, they're not saying that last part, at least not as recorded in her medical files.)

Still, social media being a popular forum for self-study health experts, she's getting a lot of criticism for her lack of girth and general overall beauty (albeit slightly over-bronzed, right?).

But we can thank Stage for showing us that just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you have to look pregnant.

Image via EliteDaily/Instagram

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