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What Inspired Helen Hunt to Write Her New Film, 'Ride'

Helen Hunt was driving in Hawaii when she got inspired to write what became her film "Ride," which arrives in theaters on May 1.

"I was nine months pregnant, and we're [on] the side of the road looking out at the ocean,” Hunt tells Yahoo! Movies. The actress then saw a mother who was surfing. “She got out of the water, put her surfboard down, took a bottle of water and poured it on her breast and started nursing. I thought, ‘I want to be her.’”

That's when the mom of 10-year-old daughter Makena got the idea about a mother who follows her son from New York to Los Angeles after he drops out of college to surf.

So what does this mom do? She learns to hang 10 herself.

Hunt reveals that while she has been surfing for 10 years, she still endured a few hiccups while filming on Venice Beach, Calif., and the ocean.

“I remember trying to have some kind of commanding authority over a moment and, mid-sentence, just being toppled by a wave and waking up to a lot of water-safety guys having a good chuckle," she tells the site.

Not only that, but she and the crew spent hours on the ocean.

“I was very, very prune-y,” she tells Yahoo! Movies. “A lot of chilliness, [and] a lot of peeing in the wet suit, which helps [combat the chill]. Still, it was a really fun movie to make.”

Image via IMDB

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