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Stop Recording and Start Living

Your child does something amazing. It happens all the time! Unfortunately, such instances too often to compel many a parent to lunge for the nearest smartphone to snap a photo of the precious moment to share on social media. Even worse? When that moment is missed, and the child is forced to recreate it.

Live in the moment, people! Toss your tablet to the corner, get off Facebook and Instagram, and live in the now! That what Common Sense Media wants you to do, and it's spreading the message that a healthy balance of media and technology starts with the parents.

In a new set of PSAs from the organization, we're offered a glimpse of the gadget-obsessed, social media lifestyle that is overtaking America.

The message is clear: Be sure to use social media and technology wisely with your children. Open a book instead of an iPhone app, or go for a bike ride with your kid rather than trailing behind him taking pictures and recording video. Life is seldom perfect, and youngsters shouldn't be expected to perform at the behest of their parents for social media bragging rights.

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Image via Common Sense Media

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