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Hyper-Parenting Can Lead to Unhealthy Kids

Photograph by Getty Images

The ever-vigilant parent who is always on hand for homework help or a trip to piano lessons may be harming their child's health, according to a new study in Preventive Medicine. The study reveals that children with parents who are heavily involved in not only their kids' athletic and academic lives but also their social lives are less likely to exercise than children of parents who spend less time with them. A win for the hands-off mom? Maybe.

For the hyper-parented kids, only 12% played on streets and cul-de-sacs away from home. Just over 25% walked or cycled to school and fewer than 25% played in neighbouring parks or playgrounds. The study identified for hyper-parenting styles: helicopter or over-protective parents; little emperor parents who spoil their kids with presents; tiger moms; and parents who overschedule their kids.

We wonder how the parents' health is impacted? Are they, themselves, getting enough exercise? Unhealthy kids might indicate unhealthy moms!

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