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Mom Accidentally Kills Her Elf on the Shelf—Wait, It Gets Better

Photograph by Brittany Mease

Brittany Mease swears she didn't deliberately forget about Elfis, the family Elf on the Shelf, in the oven (though, we wouldn't blame her if she did). Although she couldn't stand moving Santa's little snitch from place to place every night, she sucked it up every year for the last five years to give her kids a magical Christmas experience.

But when her kids noticed that Elfis hadn't moved for more than two weeks, the mom from Wylie, Texas, grabbed him off the kitchen counter and tossed him in the oven when they weren't looking, thinking she would move the little guy later. But things got chaotic in the house, especially with her son Graysen being hospitalized for what doctors think was rheumatic fever, a reaction to the bacteria that causes strep infection.

So, understandably, Mease forgot Elfis was still chilling in the racks when she started to make lunch and turned on the oven to preheat it.

"About (four) minutes later, I started to smell something REALLY funky and that’s when all hell broke loose and I broke my son’s heart," Mease vented on her Facebook page on Monday.

Mid-conversation with her friend who was visiting, she realized what the smell was, and the two rushed to the oven to get the elf out.

"I yelled, 'F--ck! The elf! The f--cking elf is in the oven!'" she wrote on her page.

But as with all stories that are hilarious after the fact, timing is everything, and in the very moment the friends were using kitchen utensils to get the burnt and melting elf out of the oven, Gray walked in all excited, thinking the elf was finally back.

His face quickly fell when he saw the decapitated elf.

Gray's younger sister, Ily, however, was ecstatic about the elf's demise and laughed, seeing that Elfis was in no condition to tell on her anymore.

Photograph by Brittany Mease
Photograph by Brittany Mease

Last night, Mease shared an update after seeing her post go viral (more than 127,000 shares and counting!).

"While I was seriously debating on letting Elfis’ snitching career go out in flames, I received a message from Santa and he volunteered to come pick up Elfis and take him back to the North Pole" the mom wrote. "But I had a different idea."

Instead, Santa delivered the elf, healed and whole. He even took a few pictures with Gray and Ily.

Photograph by Brittany Mease
Photograph by Brittany Mease

"It's a moment that I’ll never forget and my children won’t either," Mease wrote.

With a new Elfis, Gray had some notes for his mom, saying it would be much safer if Elfis returned to the same spot every day so Mom doesn't accidentally kill him again. Though Gray is happy about Elfis' return, Ily is a little bit salty. (We feel you, Ily, we really do).

Mease plans on keeping both elves and using them as Christmas ornaments when the kids are older, to honor the little mishap.

In the meantime, she's hoping that all the attention on her elf fail (which will join the ranks of epic ones before her), will raise awareness for Ily's fight against Chiari malformation (a structural defect in the base of the skull), epilepsy, sensory processing disorder and common variable immune deficiency. Mease documents the journey of her 5-year-old, who survived triple brain surgery, on the Facebook page ILY to Infinity.

As for Gray, Mease tells Mom.me that he'll be getting his tonsils removed after Christmas to prevent a recurrence.

Mease, who left an unhealthy and abusive marriage, also wants others to realize the hard realities single moms face, and how supportive the military and veteran community can be.

"I am a single parent. It’s definitely not what I set out to be, though. I set out to be a good parent and that hasn’t changed," Mease said. "My children are my world, even if I do secretly whisper 'for f--k's sake' every time I hear them call my name over and over. ... I love them with every part of me."

Now, someone give her the Mom of the Year award!

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