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Fighting Gender Bias One Wiki Entry at a Time

Women have long been left out of records for everything from history, science and politics to art. Even modern information hubs like Wikipedia get it wrong.

Last weekend, a group of feminists from all over the world held in-person and virtual meet-ups, where participants produced more than 90 new articles for the online, crowd-sourced encyclopedia. They also improved more than 70 articles and added dozes of images the Wikipedia Commons public domain.

Dorothy Howard, one of a number of organizers for the Wikipedia: Meetup/Art And Feminism, wrote in the Daily Beast about the day-long attempt to bring information about women into lazy information searches while rectifying everyday Internet prejudices.

More than 150 volunteers gathered at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York City, where they published articles and updated content about women artists. Around 30 other universities and arts institutions from San Francisco to Florence, Italy, took part remotely.

While the worked bring parity, they ran into familiar hurdles. Considering systemic baits from early in many women's careers, primary source material was scant. Still, the women accomplished what they set out to do — bring more attention to the work and accomplishments of women artists, innovators and politicians.

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