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Stop Playing Hide-and-Seek in Our Stores, Says Ikea

We've definitely experienced getting lost in IKEA at least once or twice, but today we found out some pretty exciting news. People have been playing hide-and-seek in the furniture stores, and the company is finally asking them to stop.

"We are very happy that people are playful but safety must prevail," said Ikea Group spokesperson Martina Smedberg to CNN. "Please don't play hide-and-seek in Ikea stores."

How did this all get started? A woman in Belgium wanted to play hide-and-seek as part of her 30th birthday bucket list. Fast-forward a few months and now there are groups on Facebook where avid hide-and-seek fans are planning massive games.

Word spread quickly. There's an event on Facebook scheduled in Amsterdam next month with 19,000 people signed up.

IKEA contacted the Facebook pages and "kindly asked them to do the hide-and-seek outside the Ikea stores," according to CNNMoney. Smedberg said most of the organizers have agreed to remove the events.

To be honest, we had no idea this was a thing, but it's definitely the best idea we've ever heard.

Image via Twenty20/myrone

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