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Kid-Designed Toothbrush Makes Brushing Teeth a Mess-Free Chore

It looks like there's a new inventor in town, and he's starting at a very early age. Houston Diaz is in kindergarten, and he can already take credit for a successful invention.

Diaz's creation, Squeezie, is a twist-on toothbrush designed specifically for kids. The device can attach to almost any tube of toothpaste, making it almost impossible to create a mess.

As the son of two entrepreneurs in New York City, it is no surprise that Diaz inherited a creative mind. The design for Squeezie came to him when he was only five years old and was tired of getting toothpaste everywhere but on his teeth. His solution was a simple but effective one.

The twist-on toothbrush is attached to a tube of toothpaste, which then dispenses the paste evenly along the bristles of the brush. This method saves kids from the aggravation of trying to squeeze toothpaste neatly onto their toothbrush, something that they are sadly not very capable of doing.

"The problem was when I put my toothpaste on my toothbrush, it went in the sink, and it made a disaster in the sink, like five million times," Diaz said.

Squeezie solves the problem of messy bathrooms when kids try to brush their teeth by themselves. It may have been designed with kids in mind, but it is available for adults to use, too.

Image via Quirky

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