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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby's Name

Photograph by MediaPunch/REX USA

Everyone has been speculating. First it was Violet, and then it was James.

But now it's confirmed. New dad Ryan Reynolds, who is married to actress Blake Lively, has finally revealed their daughter's name on "Today" this morning, with his trademark humor as well.

While chatting with Willie Geist about his new movie, "Woman in Gold," Reynolds finally gave in after Geist riffed on a joke the new dad made previously about his daughter's name.

"You did say a few months ago, before she was born, that you were going to name her Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds," Geist joked to Reynolds. "So can we call her Anna at least — short for Anaconda?"

"That is not the child's name," Reynolds responded. "It's Butternut Summer Squash."

Then he finally gave in.

"It's James. Everyone knows," he said, tipping his hat to the avalanche of speculation that has flooded the Internet.

So why has Reynolds been so shy to reveal his 3-month-old daughter's name?

"Because, as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, 'Why did you do that?'" he explained.

Way to be a protective dad!

Welcome to the world — and the Internet — James.

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