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Hiring a Babysitter Is Getting Pricier

These days if you want to hire a babysitter, it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

According to Care.com, the nation's average cost for babysitters in 2015 is $13.44 per hour. That's a 28 percent increase from 2009, when the rate was $10.50.

"Our Care.com 2015 Babysitter Survey found that more so than ever before, it's a babysitter's market where sitters can not only determine their hourly rate, but they can also expect an annual raise and even a tip," said Katie Bugbee, senior managing editor and global parenting expert at Care.com.

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For those who are babysitters, you should consider doing business in the following cities, where taking care of little ones can earn you the most money:

1. San Francisco, CA: $16.65
2. San Jose, CA: $15.63
3. Boston, MA: $15.37
4. New York, NY: $15.09
5. Washington, DC: $14.99

So how do you know if what your babysitter charges is worth his or her service? It pretty much depends on whether or not your children like the caretaker.

"Families may find the extra cost worth it as the number one thing they look for in a sitter is that their kids love them," Bugbee said.

Do you have a babysitter? What do you pay per hour?

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