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Dad-Daughter Duo Make 'Jurassic Park' Lego Remake

There are so many things you can do with $100,000. Buying a house, a car, or paying for college tuition are just a few obvious examples. But for one father and daughter, those big bucks went into a project unlike any other—a mini recreation of the famed "Jurassic Park" movie created entirely with Legos.

The short-form Lego flick was a three-month-long labor of love for Paul Hollingsworth, who worked on the project with his 8-year-old daughter Hailee, according to People. Using nothing but Legos, they re-created the 1993 dinosaur film into a three-minute short.

"'Jurassic Park' is one of the best movies of all time," Hollingsworth said. "That's why I wanted to re-create it in Lego."

Fellow Lego lovers lent their voices — and some Legos — to create the scenes. But as awesome as this endeavor sounds, it didn't come cheap. This tiny movie used $100,000 worth of Legos.

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Image via YouTube/digitalwizardz

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