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Single Mom Does Artistic Pole Dance With Daughter Attached

Pole dancing is a feat for any mom. Pole dancing with your baby attached? That's totally amazing, and it's exactly what mom Ashley Wright does. She's so good at it, her artistic pole-dancing performances have gone viral.

On March 14, Wright posted a YouTube video of herself pole dancing to the song "The Circle of Life" with her 2-year-old daughter secured to her back, as reported by Yahoo Parenting. Of course, naysayers have spoken out against the video, complaining that it's wrong for the 29-year-old single mom to expose her daughter to what's often considered a "sexy" style of dance.

"I've been called names like 'stripper' and 'bad parent' and while I understand, remarks like these are sometimes from people who were taught to shame their bodies," Wright told Yahoo Parenting. "People are mostly supportive, though, and say that I'm teaching my daughter how to love herself unconditionally."

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Image via YouTube/Ashley Wright

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