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Kids Shine at Annual White House Science Fair

This week, the White House hosted its fifth-annual science fair, which features projects from kids around the country. And this time around, it was a a group of 6-year-old Girl Scouts who stole the show by building a battery-powered robot made of Legos that can turn pages for people who are disabled, as reported by Quartz.

Other top projects included a 3-D printer used by two Massachusetts 16-year-olds to create wheelchair add-ons, like a lever to move backwards or forward, and a multipurpose attachable arm that acts as a "food tray, camera tripod, rain canopy, laptop holder and cup holder," according to Quartz.

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Another project that caught the president's eye was a biosensor that can tell if someone is likely to have a cardiac arrest in the next three days. The test needs only a single drop of blood to work and was developed by a California high school senior.

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Image via White House/Public Domain

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