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Happy Birthday, Frappuccino!

With spring in full swing (OK, maybe for us of the southernly climes), it's time to switch up our morning drink of choice from hot to cold.

A Frappuccino is perhaps one of the most iconic frozen coffee drinks on the planet and launched dozens of imitators. The coffee giant Starbucks has been officially making Frappucinos for 20 years, but the story of how it came to be might surprise you.

The drink was created by two Starbucks baristas in California who were experimenting on a hot day with low foot traffic.

Greg Rogers was working as a barista to supplement his stand-up comedy income, and was playing around with the idea of a shake-like coffee creation, he told Eater.

"I just used everything we had there. I had sugar, vanilla powder, half and half, the mocha mix that we use and shots of espresso right off the bar and made this formula. I played with it, kept adding sugar and vanilla and the manager loved it."

And since the sweetest way to celebrate a birthday is with birthday cake, Starbucks has released a special, limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor Frappuccino. The beverage is a mix of hazelnut, vanilla bean powder topped with a raspberry-infused whipped cream. Yum!

Get it while you can, the celebratory treat is only available March 26–March 30.

Image via Twenty20/theotherrside

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