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Middle-School Girls Start Ingenious Self-Esteem Project

A campaign to encourage peer-to-peer camaraderie amongst tween girls is going viral. By giving out compact mirrors with encouraging statements written in them, the 'Love My Reflection' project is spreading self-esteem and positive body images to middle-school girls at one Oregon school.

Avery Burn and Genae Vanek know it's not always easy for middle schoolers to see their own true beauty, so after a local store donated 100 compact mirrors, the duo wrote personal, positive messages and handed them out to female classmates, according to People magazine.

"We came up with this idea because we saw other girls in our school with this problem with body image and what other people think of them," Burn told TODAY. "We thought if we did a project that involves people our age, it would help us and help them."

After giving the mirrors to female classmates aged 11–13, Burn and Vanek started getting requests from other girls who wanted an inspirational accessory of their own.

"It's definitely made a big difference," Vanek told TODAY. "I definitely see more smiles on [the girls'] faces. I see them complimenting themselves. That was a positive thing to see."

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Image via Fox12

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