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Breakfast All Day May Be Coming to McDonald's Very Soon

For those who love Egg McMuffins and wish they could get one after 11 a.m., you may be in luck. McDonald's recently announced they would be testing "breakfast all day" in select stores and people really liked the idea.

According to YouGov BrandIndex, "42% of frequent breakfast eaters … would consider purchasing from McDonald's the next time they are looking to eat"—a percentage higher than Wendy's, Burger King or Taco Bell, who recently launched the Biscuit Taco.

Why extend breakfast hours? Because despite a decline in lunch and dinner visits, breakfast numbers are still rising.

And even though McDonald's numbers are declining, millennials are still visiting the restaurants. While younger diners are saying they are looking for fresher, healthier options, they're heading to the Golden Arches in record numbers.

According to a study by Morgan Stanley, McDonald's is still the most visited restaurant for the demographic.

Another factor? Calories. While McDonald's double cheeseburgers can have 430 calories, the breakfast fare is more waistline-friendly, with an Egg White McMuffin coming in at 250 calories.

So there's some good news for you breakfast-lovers. After a successful test run, breakfast at McDonald's might be an all-day thing for everyone very soon.

Image via Twenty20/nierahmy

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