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Track Your Kids' School Bus With New App

Soon you can track your child's school bus through a mobile app. Never leave your kid waiting at the curb in the rain again!

The app is called "Here Comes the Bus." As many as seven area school districts in Indiana will have the app up and rolling by August if all goes to plan. Some parents may get to test it out in the next few months.

Once you log in, you're alerted to the location of your child's bus. Track its movements, and your kid, with ease.

Developers are also hoping that fewer parents will phone in to their student's school districts to find out where the bus is in case of a delay in drop-off.

There is also an accompanying website to the app.

Would you use the "Here Comes the Bus" app? Are you wondering what took it so long to be developed in the first place?

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Image via AOL

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