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Teens Arrested for Sex Video

Four teens were arrested after a mother discovered a group sex video of them online. The three boys—ages 14, 15 and 16, and one girl, 15—attend Joliet Central High School in Joliet, Ill.

All four teens said they willing participated in the sex. It's unclear whether they all agreed to recording the 10-minute video and posting the video on Twitter.

Although the teens are all under the age of consent, they were arrested on child pornography crimes. Posting a video of sex acts online is a crime. All were charged as juveniles, and they're being held at a juvenile detention center.

"The child pornography offense that was charged is in place for a reason, because we don't want to accept that type of behavior as a society," Benton told ABC 7. "So I think it's making a strong statement and I think it's important to do so to send the message to others: that kids shouldn't be involved in this type of behavior and hopefully this will serve as a deterrent."

If convicted, the teens could face juvenile detention until they're 21 years old.

Image ABC 7

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