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Pesticide in Produce Is Bad for Sperm

A new study from Harvard found that men who ate organic, pesticide-free produce had better sperm counts than those ate non-organic fruits and vegetables, which are usually treated with pesticides. It's the first known study to access fertility when pesticides are eaten in food, and the research is supported by previous studies showing that farmers who work with pesticides have low sperm counts.

The Harvard study tracked 155 men and determined that those who ate 1.5 daily servings of produce with pesticides had a 49 percent lower sperm count, and 32 percent fewer normally shaped sperm, than those who ate less than half a serving of the same produce every day.

The study's authors hope that men don't suddenly avoid eating fresh produce, but rather be more mindful of how their produce is grown. To learn more about the study, read "Pesticides Result in Lower Sperm Count" on the Harvard Gazette website.

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Image via AOL

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