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Play Pac-Man in Google Maps

Everybody's favorite destination finder, Google Maps, is doing a fun promo with everybody's favorite video game, Pac-Man!

Go to Google Maps and look in the bottom, left-hand corner and click on the Pac-Man icon. You'll be able to gobble your way through town, up and down city streets, with your arrow buttons while you follow the pellets and eat the fruits. But watch out for Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde!

For more information on how to play Pac-Man in Google Maps, click here. To play, your computer must be up to date on its software. If you don't see the Pac-Man box in the bottom, left-hand corner on Google Maps, your software may need an update.

Act fast, because Google Maps won't have the Pac-Man game forever!

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Image via Google Maps

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