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German Grandmother Pregnant With Quadruplets

A German grandmother is herself pregnant again—this time with quadruplets. She's 65.

Annegret Raunigk told the German tabloid Bild that she is more than halfway through this pregnancy. At 21 weeks pregnant, her doctor says he is optimistic that all will go well.

The Berlin schoolteacher, mother of 13 and grandmother of 7, told reporters that this pregnancy is the result of artificial insemination, using both donated sperm and eggs.

If you're thinking "freakshow," Germans are, too. Her pregnancy, delivery and, no doubt, the first year of the babies lives will be the subject of the German TV show "RTL."

Raunigk's most recent birth was 10 years ago, at 55, to her baby daughter Leila—also the result of reproductive technology. Leila joined her 12 other siblings, the eldest of which is 44 years old.

Raunigk's doctors encouraged selective reduction when they found out she was pregnant with four embryos. But she declined, saying she'll remain fit and healthy.

Raunigk joins a few dozen other moms who have made headlines over the years for using reproductive technology to achieve pregnancy well past the typical age for childbearing.

Rajo Devi holds the record. She gave birth to her daughter at age 74. Devi, of India, nearly died during labor, but told reporters that she fought hard for her girl. Devi's goal is to stay alive until her daughter turns 15 and is old enough to marry.

Image via Time

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