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Equal Pay for Women Could Pull Single Moms Out of Poverty

Everyone deserves an #EqualPayDay. But American women are still getting the short end of the coin stack when compared to the earnings of men. So Tweet it out loud and proud because April 14 is #EqualPayDay!

Women in the U.S. earn just 78.3 cents for every dollar a man makes, according to the Washington Post, and a report published this week by Women's Policy Research determined that closing this wage gap could cut poverty in half for families with working women.

Even more amazing? Researches estimate that working single mothers who live in poverty would drop from about 30 percent to 15 percent if they earned, on average, as much as their male peers.

"A lot of attention is paid to the wage gap, but people aren't necessarily thinking about it in terms of economic self-sufficiency or income inequality," said Barbara Gault, executive director of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, told the Post. "Too often the gender picture is left out of that."

Furthermore, a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data found that about 40 percent of American households with children have female breadwinners, so closing the gender wage gap is just as important for children as it is for the women who feed them.

For more information on equal pay for women, check out the #askformore campaign from the Levo League.

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Images via veronicagomepola/Getty and Twitter/@whitehouse

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