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High School Math Problem Stumps the Internet

A math problem intended for Singaporean high school students has stumped the Internet, as the Washington Post reports. And all because people are trying to figure out "When is Cheryl's birthday?"

So how to solve this life-defining math problem? You're given clues that Cheryl dishes to two pals, plus info about when she was born that includes 10 possible birth dates. She also tells one friend, Albert, the month of her birthday, and tells the other friend, Bernard, the day of her birth.

Confused? So were the people on the Web who tried to solve this lengthy math conundrum when it went viral. The question first appeared on April 8 as part of the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads contest.

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But things got even more alarming for Cheryl when a Singaporean television presenter misidentified the math problem as one for 10- and 11-year-olds. Not only did that make a whole lot of adults feel stupid, it also worried parents in Singapore that their kids were being pushed a wee bit too hard in their math studies.

The amount of attention this problem received led Math Olympiads organizers to release a statement clarifying that the problem is for high school juniors and seniors so that "Singapore parents will not start to worry so much."

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