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Dad Helps Son Overcome Shame From Scars

At only 7 years old, Carter Gentle has already undergone five open-heart surgeries to address a congenital heart defect. But after his most recent surgery, the noticeable scars on his body caused the youngster to break down, as TODAY reports.

"He went down to the bathroom to look in the mirror and he just started sobbing. He said, 'People are going to think I'm ugly. My scars look horrible,'" Carter's father, country singer Mark Gentle, told TODAY. "As a parent, it just tears your heart out. As much as that kid's been through, the last thing I ever want him to worry about is scars."

To ease his son's emotional pain, Gentle had the idea to share a photo of Carter's scars on his Facebook account with the hashtag #CHDAWARENESS‬ (which stands for Child Heart Disease Awareness). He urged people let Carter know that scars are nothing to worry about.

"We told him that his scars are beautiful and make him look like a superhero. How many likes can Carter get for his bravery?" Gentle wrote in his Facebook post.

The image already has more than one million likes and 100,000 shares on Facebook. Needless the say, the effort to make people aware of what scars can do to a child's psyche is being received loud and clear.

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Image via MarkGentle/Facebook

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