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No Such Thing as 'Mommy Brain'

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

The common stereotype that women's brains don't work as well when they are pregnant is just that: a stereotype.

A new study from Brigham Young University suggests that a pregnant or post-pregnant body is taking care of a lot of things, from discomfort to a lack of sleep, and it simply might not be feeling 100 percent, leading to issues with memory.

The study tracked 21 women who has never been pregnant, and 21 women in the last trimester and then again 3-6 months after they had their baby. No women in the trial were suffering from depression or postpartum depression.

"There's been a perception for a long time that women don't have as good a memory in particular after they get pregnant and have a child," said Michael Larson, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at BYU and the study's lead author. "Our study suggests that on the lab measures, there weren't objective memory impairments, but on the self-report, the women definitely felt like they were having a hard time."

That means new moms need to cut themselves a break! There's a lot going on, and sleepless nights aren't going to help.

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