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Divorce Is Bad for the Female Heart

Everybody knows that divorce is a heartbreaker. But it could literally break women's hearts.

A recent New York Times Well blog is saying that divorce may be linked to a higher rate of heart attack, especially for women.

The study, published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, found that comparing a woman who was continuously married with a woman who had been divorced, the latter had a 24 percent increased risk of heart attack. Those who had been divorced twice had a 77 percent increased risk, while the remarried had a 35 percent increased risk.

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Men who had divorced more than once had an increased risk of about 30 percent, but men who stayed married or remarried had no increased risk.

"Divorce isn't a classical risk factor, like smoking or high blood pressure," lead author Matthew E. Dupre, an associate professor of sociology at Duke, told the Times. "But we hope that caretakers and the general public will have a greater understanding of how the stress of divorce can affect their lives."

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