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Kid's YouTube Channel Makes Big Bucks

Wanna get your kids active in the kitchen? Then introduce them to CharlisCraftyKitchen, the top YouTube earner in the food and cooking genre according to AdAge, which ranked the video series based on its estimated monthly earnings of more than $125,000 a month.

Turns out that 8-year-old Charli knows how to turn dough into dough. By Outrigger's estimates, Charli's channel generates an average of $127,777 in ad revenue per month (taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue). The channel gets an average of 29 million views each month—in March it had 29,133,270.

Charli started making her videos in 2012, when she was 6. Her 5-year-old sister Ashlee has joined the cast as chief taste-tester.

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Image via CharlisCraftyKitchen

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