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Limited-Edition Beanie Baby May Be Worth Big Bucks

Remember Beanie Babies? Of course you do. You couldn't avoid them in the '90s, and if you had a kid at the time, there was constant tugging of the jacket for every new release that your youngster spotted—which was, like, every other day.

But then there were the limited-edition Beanie Babies like "Princess," which was named for Diana, Princess of Wales. It's a purple bear with a pink and green rose embroidered in it. According to Daily Mail, it's the rarest Beanie Baby out there, with one particular version of the product having been manufactured only 100 times.

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And it just so happens that a British couple found one at a local flea market. The couple paid just $15 for the toy, but when they checked eBay for the rare first-edition version they claim to have, they found a listing of the item for a whopping $93,406, Daily Mail reports.

So can this couple turn a bean-filled Teddy into cash? They've listed the item on eBay for a starting bid of $29,810 (£20,000), but have yet to get any offers.

Did you collect Beanie Babies? Have you ever sold any for profit?

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Images via Daily Mail and eBay

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