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New Vaccine Study Sheds More Light on Autism

If you're still slapping your forehead over the fact that some people believe autism is caused by a vaccine, a new study came out this week that may finally put the whole debacle to rest, as reported in Salon.

In a Journal of American Medicine study of 95,727 children with older siblings (including children whose older siblings had autism spectrum disorders), getting the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine was not associated with an increased risk of developing autism, regardless of whether older siblings had ASD.

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These findings indicate that there's no harmful association between the MMR vaccine and autism, even if your child is at a higher risk because his or her sibling has autism.

Now the challenge is changing the way many parents approach the MMR vaccine. There was a time when getting measles in America was unheard of, but the seeds of doubt planted by loud anti-vaccinators like celebrity Jenny McCarthy already did enough damage. As salon reports, a whopping 41 percent of Orange County, California, kindergarteners were unvaccinated in 2014. Then there was a recent measles outbreak at Disneyland. Fortuntately—in California at least—the measles outbreak has been declared over.

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