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#LetGirlsBuild: A Message for the Next Generation

The women engineers behind the engineering toy company Roominate are celebrating National Take Your Daughter to Work Day with the launch of their Let Girls Build video and hashtag.

Launched today, the powerful video of female engineers in their workspaces is Roominate co-founders Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen's message encoring young girls to become whatever they want when they grow up.

Mom.me chatted with Brooks over email, to find out a little more about the video, engineering and the company's girl-focused mission.

Mom.me: Great video and great message for girls. What do you want people—girls, boys and grownups who see it—to take away after watching it?

Alice: The message we want to send with this video is to encourage kids to feel empowered to become anything they want when they grow up. We want anyone who sees the video to know that stereotypes and boundaries don't have to limit you from pursuing your dreams.

Mom.me: You got at more career options in less than one minute than I think a school counselor or college adviser gets at in a lifetime. Was that your intention?

Alice: Our intention was to showcase how many different fields there are in the STEM subjects. By "connecting the dots" backwards in the video, we're able to demonstrate how childhood play can influence interest in STEM. Our mission at Roominate is to encourage girls to become interested in STEM, so we wanted girls to see how many possibilities are out there for them.

Mom.me: Were there actors or real working engineers in the video? Were they hard to find or hidden in plain sight?

Alice: The women in our videos are real working professionals. Bettina and I both graduated from the graduate engineering program at Stanford, so we were able to reach out and connect with other women in our field, who generously donated their time to be in our video.

Mom.me: Roominate is a business. But it also has a mission. What do you want for girls? The world?

Alice: We want to inspire the next generation of innovators. By providing kids with a toy that will help them develop crucial skills and spark their creativity at an early age, we hope that will encourage them to go on to become the amazing types of visionaries you see in the video. The toys that Bettina and I played with shaped our interests in engineering, so we want to do the same for this generation of children.

Image via YouTube/Roominate

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