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Royal Baby Bets Are On!

Betting on the newest royal baby. It's the British way of life!

Bookmakers in the United Kingdom are already taking bets on a number of royal-baby-related stuff, and the odds could help you fatten your wallet (or make it thinner).

So here are some of the odds, thanks to the Ladbrokes Life, a British betting site.

There's 18-to-15 odds for a girl, with Alice as the heavily favored name at 5-to-4 odds. For hair color, it's a 6-to-4 odds tie between brown and blond. The favored weight is 7 pounds to 7 pounds 15 ounces with an odds of 6-to-4.

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And here's a weird one: There's 5-to-2 odds that the first leader to Tweet a congrats to Prince William and Duchess Kate is Prime Minister David Cameron.

Would you bet on the next royal baby? Do you think it will be a boy or girl?

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