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More Parents Join Opt-Out Fervor

As students around the country prepare to take their state's version of year-end standardized tests, hundreds of parents are keeping their kids home in protest of the high-stakes assessments.

The latest to join this opt-out fervor are parents in metro Atlanta. Georgia public schools will start administering the "Georgia Milestones" this week. Students grades 3 through 8 will sit for the computerized tests, designed around the new and sometimes controversial Common Core State Standards.

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Complaints about the tests include assertations are that they're unproven, developmentally inappropriate and punitive toward teachers. Parents also complain that the singular focus on preparing for the tests has taken all the creativity and chances to thinking critically out of daily classroom life.

District officials and school administrators are telling Georgia families that they don't condone teaching to the test. Rather, they say, the curriculum adequately prepares students to take the tests.

Protests and opt-outs of new state tests based on recently developed standards have dominated education news this spring, especially in large metropolitan areas like Chicago and states where CCSS had been adopted earliest, such as New York.

Image via WSBTV

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