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Mom's Pacifier Trick Got Her Baby Sleeping 12 Hours a Night

Photograph by Laura Gerson

If you're sleep-deprived because Baby was crying for her lost pacifier in the middle of the night for the millionth time, get ready to have your mind blown. Thanks to a tip from one mom, babies (and parents) everywhere can sleep a little more soundly.

When Laura Gerson's daughter, Amelia, was about 3 months old, she saw on the baby monitor that her baby girl was crying and struggling to find the paci that fell out of her mouth. That's when the mom from Essex, England, did some quick thinking.

What if Amelia didn't have to go far or wait long for a pacifier? Gerson told Mom.me that she put a few more pacifiers (also known as dummies) in the crib the next night, but they were getting lost down the sides. So she put even more pacifiers in the crib the following nights until she reached the golden number of 10 pacifiers.

It turns out, she "just needed more of (the pacifiers), which she could find herself, and to save her getting upset when she lost her one!" Gerson said.

Photograph by Laura Gerson
Photograph by Laura Gerson

The trick worked so well that Gerson has been putting Amelia, who will turn 1 year old at the end of this month, to sleep with 10 pacifiers every night since. And guess what? Amelia has been sleeping about 12 to 13 hours every night.

Gerson first posted her tip on the Motherload's Facebook group of 52,000 members.

"[Ninety-nine] percent of the time she feels around, finds a dummy, sticks it in and she’s sorted! Haven’t had to go into her at night for about eight months now … WINNING!!" she wrote.

The mom said Amelia isn't a "total dummy fiend and doesn't even have them through the day," but at night, it's her main method of self-soothing. Pacifiers keep her so calm that sometimes she just has to hold one (or two) in her hands to fall asleep. Since the post has gone viral, other parents battling sleep training have praised Gerson for her genius idea. One mom even mentioned that they successfully tried it with glow-in-the-dark pacifiers.

Whether things will change when the Pacifier Fairy (who takes away old pacis and brings kids back a new toy) comes is a question for another day.

"I don't even want to think about (it)," Gerson said. For now, a happy baby makes a happy mom.

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