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Helping Kids in Aftermath of Nepal Quake

In the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, many people wonder what they can do to assist with the relief effort. The New York Times already reports as many as 3,800 deaths, with tens of thousands left homeless.

The earthquake shook a large portion of central Nepal, from Mount Everest to Katmandu and points farther west. But the stricken areas remain mostly inaccessible to rescue teams that are pouring into the area, according to the New York Times. The mountainous terrain and landslides are preventing most aid workers from accessing victims.

"We have no shelter, no food and all the bodies are scattered around," Parbati Dhakal, a woman from Saurpani, an ethnic Gurka village at the quake's center, told the New York Times.

But as rescue teams slowly make headway, people around the world can also find a way to help by donating funds for food, water and medical assistance to aid those affected by the Nepalese earthquake.

To find out what charity is right for you, Charity Navigator is a great resource that lists the top charities that will stretch your dollar in the most beneficial way. Here are the most highly-ranked relief operations that have been vetted by Charity Navigator, as reported by Public Radio International:

Save the Children: International NGO dedicated to promoting children's rights and relief in developing countries.

AmeriCares: Emergency response and global health organization.

CARE: Strives to fight global poverty.

Catholic Relief Services: International humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic Church.

Direct Relief: Specializes in providing international medical assistance.

GlobalGiving: Collecting money to help first responders.

Seva Foundation: U.S.-based nonprofit known for treating blindness with ties to Nepal.

Other charities worth considering include Oxfam, Handicap International and American Jewish World Service, and UNICEF. UNICEF said Sunday that nearly 1 million children in areas affected by the earthquake are in "urgent need" of humanitarian assistance, Huffington Post reports. UNICEF staff reported dwindling water supplies, power shortages and communications breakdowns.

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