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Chipotle Eliminates All GMOs From Its Ingredients

In a bold move that is unprecedented in the U.S., Chipotle has become the first national restaurant chain to remove all GMOs from its ingredients. The restaurant chain promises to completely rid its menu of genetically modified food, a process that mixes genes from other crops to create foods that are cheaper to produce and more resistant to spoilage.

The pledge to offer non-GMO fare not only affects Chipotle Mexican Grills, it also affects the company's ShopHouse Southeast Asia Kitchen restaurants. Other companies like Pepsi and McDonald's are removing certain ingredients from their offerings as patrons become more concerned with ingredients that they can't identify or pronounce. But Chipotle stands in a league of its own by completely eliminating all GMOs.

According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, 94% of corn and 93% of soybeans grown in this country came from GMO strains in 2014. As a result, more than 80% of foods consumed in the U.S. contains genetically modified ingredients, making it very difficult for consumers to avoid GMO ingredients in restaurants or in conventional food purchased in stores.

The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1983 which led to the Flavr-Savr tomato being approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1994. The modification allowed the tomato to delay ripening after picking. Although the FDA, which regulates food ingredients, continues to classify GMOs as safe and some scientists believe the fear of GMOs is "all in our minds," groups like the Center for Food Safety consistently pushes to limit the use of GMOs.

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