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Amy Schumer Doll: For You, Not Your Kid

It would be unsafe to watch Amy Schumer videos all the time (distracted driving, duh). And, anyway, we moms are on our phones way too much. (Apparently. Whatever.)

But that doesn't mean we can't take our favorite comic and girlfriend everywhere we go. According to a new video posted a Comedy Central, there's an American Girl-like Schumer doll— all grown up, making poor choices and having lady problems just like us.

Inside Amy Schumer
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The Amy Schumer doll looks, talks and drinks just like the popular comic. She comes with accessories: a purse filled with birth control and Lexapro, a flask for coffee with a kick, a pair of skinny jeans to hang in the closet (you know, for "someday") and a six-pack of Ocean Spray for persistent UTIs.

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With the Schumer doll, you can create all kinds of fun scenarios—waking up in bed with a stranger (again!), eating carbs, treating the aches and pains of womanhood, and "taking care of things" with a pill, the next morning.

She's probably not recommended for actual little girls to play with. But for the little girl in every woman, the Schumer doll is a delight.

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Image via Comedy Central

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