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Sick Kids Get Visit From Superhero Cop

Having already undergone chemotherapy three times in the past year, seven-year-old Bryce Schottel has been fighting lymphatic cancer since February.

"After a scan they told us he had lymphoma in his stomach and pelvic region and an tumor in his abdomen," mom Regina Carlton told ABC News today. "They were supposed to start his fourth cycle of chemotherapy yesterday, but it appears that he has a minor infection in his lungs. He just went for a bronchoscopy to clear this infection up before he has chemo."

But with one round of chemo left to go, the youngster has a new inspiration to get him through it—a superhero who's really a cop in disguise.

Dallas police senior corporal Damon Cole got wind of Bryce's condition and love of superheroes. So the cop drove to Illinois, where Bryce lives, to surprise him in a Superman costume.

"I really go all out to impact the kids. My car is Superman-themed, so I asked, 'Would you mind if I came up there and showed him my car and dress in my costumes?'" Cole said.

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It ended up being a great visit for Bryce.

"He just ate it up," Cole said. "After that I took him outside and showed him my Superman car and he was just blown away by it. He was like 'Wow, wow!'"

Cole already dresses up as superheroes for the organization aptly named Heroes, Cops and Kids. He plans on visiting Bryce in the future at St. Louis Children's Hospital, where the boy is a patient, as well as other sick kids.

Bryce's family members, which encourage people to donate to cancer research and children's hospitals everywhere, couldn't thank Cole enough.

"There's not a lot of people in this world that do anything like this anymore, who are so selfless and generous," Carlton said. "It was a complete stranger who made that trip to make my son smile."

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Image via ABC News

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