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Men Want Docile Wives, Strong Daughters

American men, overall, are really interested in raising strong and independent daughters, a survey included in a new report has found. That being said, they'd really rather prefer to partner up with someone "sweet" and "attractive."

Well, OK, guys.

These disturbing findings are the aggregated results of a survey of 881 straight men across the U.S., a part of "The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the 21st-Century Man," which was published Friday. The data are "an eye-opening disparity between the qualities contemporary men feel are paramount in a wife and/or partner and what they value for their daughters when they grow up," authors of the report wrote.

The report, commissioned by Maria Shriver, found that some men feel threatened by their wives careers. Despite changes over the last decades, four in nine reported that it's harder to be a man now than what their fathers experienced when the respondents were growing up. The most common reason given in the survey for this difficult was "greater gender equity"—in other words, women succeeding in the workplace.

Shriver noted in the report that success of one gender does not have to come at the suffering or expense of the other gender, the Washington Post reported.

Even better, two-thirds reported they didn't mind having a partner who works. And at least half were totally fine with being out-earned by their mate or reporting to a female boss.

Still, mothers are their daughters' biggest role models and young girls are attuned to the dynamics within the home. It's up to U.S. dads and husbands to find their footing—equal footing—with both.

Image via Twenty20/williamdynamite

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