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Annie Leibovitz's 'Star Wars' Photos Surface

The latest edition of "Star Wars" is titled "The Force Awakens" and it's hitting theaters this December. But thanks to famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, "Star Wars" fans can get a sneak peak of the action.

Leibovitz recently did a shoot for Vanity Fair magazine and was allowed on the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" set to snap photographs of a few main characters and scenery. Below are screen grabs from a Vanity Fair video with behind-the-scenes images from Leibovitz's photo shoot. The video can be viewed over on the Verge.

And even though the movie won't be out for months, you can get a look at what's in store with the movie's second teaser trailer.

May the force (and fourth!) be with you!

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Image via Vanity Fair

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