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Woman Searches for Mystery Man She Kissed During Boston Marathon

Photograph by Courtesy of Barbara Tatge

She kissed him. He kissed her back. And in an instant, he was gone.

Barbara Tatge, 55, did not forget that kiss, partly because of the photo she took as a proof of the dare she agreed to when she left Tennessee to participate in the Boston Marathon. Her daughter challenged her to kiss a random stranger, much like the women of Wellesley College traditionally offer kisses to runners sprinting through their town.

After the race, Tatge's daughter encouraged her to find the man through a social media search. The Tennessee resident obliged and shared the photo of the two kissing. The photo went viral and she received a response.

Instead of hearing back from her mystery prince, Tatge received a response from the man's wife.

The Wellesley Townsman, a Boston-area news outlet, received a letter from the wife of the man Tatge was searching for and forwarded the letter to Tatge.

"When this story aired on the news we were pretty surprised," the mystery man's wife wrote, requesting anonymity. "For me, I'm not mad. Believe me, our friends have gotten a lot of mileage out of this story and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them give my husband grief!"

"While this may not be the ending that you had hoped for," the wife continued in her letter. "That spontaneous, silly moment in Wellesley captured the fun, energy and spirit of the Boston Marathon. I greatly admire your spunk and courage and wish you many happy races in the future. Congratulations on your Boston finish!"

Tatge wrote the woman back thanking her for being a good sport about the incident. She also apologized for any embarrassment the search may have caused before making a promise to herself.

"Moving forward, I'm going to revert to only kissing single men," she said.

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