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School Bus Driver Refuses to Release Children

Photograph by Shutterstock / Paul Matthew Photography

A casual afternoon turned into a hostage situation as an Arizona school bus driver locked the door refusing to allow the children he was carrying to get off the bus.

According to surveillance video, as parents waited helplessly at the school bus stop there were screams and crying as the children pushed to the front trying to exit.

"He won't let any of our kids out," parent Adam Kautman said during a frantic 911 call. "The kids are crying. He's screaming at us."

In the midst of the chaos, the driver speeds away with nearly 40 children screaming for help.

"He's actually driving away with all our kids," Kautman said. "He's got all our kids on the bus."

The children were driven back to Dysart Elementary School and released from the bus. The bus driver later claims that he was motivated to take action because the children were misbehaving. No one was harmed during this incident.

After an investigation by the school district, the driver was placed on administrative leave and subsequently resigned.

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